You need an advisory team that works for you.
Pinnacle Marketing provides education, unbiased local market information, and the necessary tools to help you successfully understand and navigate the ever changing grain and cotton markets.


Our Pinnacle Marketing services are provided to help our farmer partners make more informed and confident decisions about their operation. Our team provides patient instruction to give farmers a deeper understanding of the market, how to read market signals and how to utilize the tools available to them in their effort to maximize their profits while staying within logistic constraints of their operation. As an independent agent of the farmer, we are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased local market information, help track and manage current, past and future crop sales, and save the farmer valuable time. Through patient navigation and education, our team will add to the bottom line of your operation.


As an independent advisor to the farmer, Pinnacle Marketing is uniquely positioned to provide unbiased local market information. How many people that call on you truly have your best interest as their number one priority? Many of the people you work with on a daily basis will do all they can for you, but inevitably have to be loyal to the company they work for at the end of the day. But Pinnacle Marketing is different. We work for you. Our goal is to become a vital extension of our farmer partner’s operation through a consistent two way sharing of unbiased local market information. By doing so, our farmer partner’s are able to make more informed decisions and maximize their time and profits.


As a Pinnacle Marketing member, our diverse team of market analysts will provide you with a variety of producer tools that can be utilized by any size farmer to manage price risk. We offer:

  • Crop marketing and planning
  • HTA Contracts
  • Market analysis and commentary
  • Basis Contracts
  • Futures clearing through RJ O’Brien
  • ROI planning

We also create new tools that are specifically tailored to your needs and operation. Our tools will allow you to maximize futures and basis decisions separately, hedge without making margin calls, and protect prices several years out. We are confident in our expertise and tools to help you manage risk and increase your bottom line.